Olav and the Lute


A very musical graphic adventure


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Olav and the Lute is a point and click graphic adventure where you play as a mysterious character whose only way of interacting with the world around him is through the music that he plays with his lute.

In many ways, the game is reminiscent of the great 'Loom' from Lucas Arts. Both gameplay as well as the main character and some aspects of the levels are either similar or even direct references to that classic graphic adventure.

Your objective is to find out what to do with the loom of destiny, and how to do it. To do so, you'll need to learn how to play different melodies, which you can then write down in your music book.

Each time you learn a melody, you also get its opposite. For example, when you learn the 'poison' melody, you'll learn the 'healing' melody at the same time, as it's just the first melody played backwards.

Olav and the Lute has excellent retro graphics that have been created with a certain taste and elegance that is rare to see.

This is an outstanding independent graphic adventure. While it's not especially long, the puzzle design and overall feel make it a truly unique game.
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